Friday, September 25, 2009

Berlin Foodie Travel

Berlin is a vast sprawling city, but it’s easy to navigate with a good map and a metro day pass. The day pass is an economical €6, makes for easy hop on/hop off freedom and is available from the concierge at most hotels. Interestingly, many of the restaurants recommended in this blog are located in the former East Berlin, which seems to have risen from its oppressed state and blossomed into a vibrant, prosperous and tony area.

One of my favorite restaurants experiences in Germany is Weinstein Weinschenke, Lychener Strasse 33. It is a small wine-oriented restaurant with a helpful and knowledgeable proprietor. The wine list is a compilation of small producers from the local area. Wines are poured by the taste and by the glass which provides ample opportunity to experience the gamut, even a hearty red as the wine list jokes,


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